Sunday, 18 August 2013

Month-wise Ayurvedic Regimen for Pregnant Ladies

Month-wise regime for Pregnant Ladies-

First month
A pregnant woman should take natural supplements like draksha, khajoor, munakka, and vidari with milk [cold/room temperature] in the morning.
For the first 12 days, have ghee [prepared from cow's milk] boiled with leaves of salparni herb. It is important to have this preparation in a vessel made of precious metals like gold or silver. After that, have water that is boiled and cooled. Your breakfast should comprise sweet, cold and semi-solid foods.
Women tend to start taking a massage or reverse massage from this month. However, massages are to be avoided till the fifth month.
Second month
Have milk mixed with the above-mentioned natural supplements.
Third month
Have the same sweet natural supplements, but now mix them with milk, honey and ghee.
Fourth month
Continue taking the same sweet supplements with milk. This time replace ghee with butter [12 – 15g of makkhan] made from milk.
Fifth month
Continue the supplement regime of the fourth month. Oil application and gentle massage followed by a bath with lukewarm water is recommended. Continue this till delivery.
Sixth month
Continue the supplement regime of the fifth month.
Seventh month
Mothers-to-be may feel an itchy sensation on the breast and abdomen or a burning sensation in chest or throat due to increased size of foetus.
Eat food in smaller quantities, frequently, and a bite of sweet something with little ghee or oil that is easy to digest. Ensure that your salt intake during this period is reduced to a minimum. Also, avoid drinking water immediately after a meal.
Eighth month
Eat rice prepared with milk in semi-solid or liquid form with ghee.
Ninth month
Follow the same diet as in the eighth month.
Apply oil on the abdomen and genital areas. Take an oil enema in small quantities to help ease false labour pains. You can even insert cotton ball dipped in oil into the vagina to lubricate the passage. Be particular about maintaining hygiene to avoid infection, which cause itchiness or swelling of the genital area.
Have a healthy baby!